We were the generation that wanted to be physically active, active and athletic. When we think about the future of our children, we want the same thing - not gray faces who leaned at computers at the day, but energetic teenagers who loved many sports. And this goal needs to be achieved when they are just starting to walk, because good habits are formed in isa life.


  • When exercising, children release accumulated emotions and distribute energy.

  • It will improve your health, strengthen your immune system, and recharge positive emotions.

  • Will strengthen the intellectual and mental development of the child. Good mood of children is an indicator of their good health

  • Will give the child the necessary physical activity. Will ensure the smooth development of the child's heart, blood vessels, respiratory tract, endocrine system.

  • It will fully develop the child's muscles, help prevent your child's spinal development problems, form the right posture, develop strength, endurance, improve coordination and synchronize the work of the hemispheres of the brain.

  • The child will strengthen the muscles of the arms, shoulders, chest and abdomen by playing on the bar or rings.

  • By climbing the ladder, the child massages the feet, which is a great prevention of flat feet

  • Playing in this complex, the child will learn how to jump, climb, climb and even fall safely. The child will learn to be careful and tell the force correctly.

  • The child will have their own personal space where they will be able to calm down, relax, spend time usefully and have fun, and at the same time release the accumulated bad emotions.

  • More self-confidence Physical intelligence (child balance, vestibular apparatus training, kinesthetic training) is one of the most important intellects. Specialists in early childhood education advise to adapt the home so that the baby is not only fun, good, he meets his curiosity needs, but can also actively move and play sports.

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